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Who Are You?

There is a great temptation to find our identity in what we do , not who we are . We are conditioned to do it nearly automatically, as if it’s just second nature. We tie our identity to our jobs or our majors.  Some people tie their identity to their sexuality. Others find their identity in their physical or intellectual abilities. Some people even find their identity in ministry, in the things they do for God. That was a big factor in my own story of leaving the Catholic Church—which is a separate subject in itself. Finally others find their identity in what they have done or have had done to them. They can’t let go of past sins, addictions or wounds. Knowing your true identity can change your life. Remember the passage from Matthew 16:13-20 when Jesus asked the apostles who the crowds said he was? The apostles tell him, “They think you’re a prophet. You’re a good teacher.” Isn’t that how much of the world still sees Jesus? If I were to ask you, what do other peopl