Looking Good

My girls were watching the Oscars tonight and Clare (8 yrs old) said she thought Best Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto looked like Jesus. Apparently that sentiment also took off on Twitter and was picked up by the website Buzzfeed too. I guess if the only requirements for looking like Jesus are long hair and a beard then there's a lot of guys who look like Jesus.

I want to look like Jesus, but I'm not talking beards and hair. I want to look like Jesus in the way I live and love. I want to look like Jesus to my family, friends and co-workers. I want to look like Jesus when others are looking at me and when I am alone. I want to look like Jesus in all that I do, say, think, and act. 

Really looking like Jesus is a lot harder that growing my hair out and not shaving. Looking like Jesus means not looking like me. It means dying to myself, my wants and desires. It takes grace.

Jesus give me grace to look like you.


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