Holy Week: Palm Sunday

The way of the cross began with cheers and acclamations. The crowds yelling “Glory!” and “Hosanna!” also cried out “Crucify!” How fickle people can be, and how quickly friends can turn.

As I ponder the start of Holy Week I’m drawn to consider how often I concern myself with the opinions of others. How have I compromised at times out of fear of man? I’m also struck by how many Christians mare caught up with winning the approval of the world. Think of the compromises so many denominations have made in the area of morals just to keep up with the times. How many so called “Catholics” continuously call for major changes in doctrine?

God has a plan, and that plan does not depend upon the cheers or jeers of others. It’s easy to be a disciple when the crowds are cheering for Jesus, but what do we do when they come with their pitchforks and torches? 


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